Raised in New Jersey.  Educated at Boston University.  

After six-years in corporate IT, I began focus on my passion: ACTING

In September 2014, I enrolled in HB Studio’s Hagen Core Training, immersing myself in the craft in a challenging ensemble environment.

Since Summer of 2015, I've been fortunate to be involved in several exciting projects with a diverse group artists, actors and directors.  Favorite projects of late include the independent feature film Neverlandthe independent short Long Time No Seeand LCP's production of Anton Chekhov's The Boor.

Today, I continue my growth as a member of the NYC-based theatre company Love Creek Productions, as well as at HB Studio and via collaborative workshops.

"I maintain two goals as an actor: to challenge myself, and to never stop learning.  Every experience, personal or professional, offers lessons for growth.  In this spirit, I enjoy collaborating with people from all backgrounds and disciplines.  If you'd like to talk shop, or just say hello, drop me a line via the contact page."